Government Jubilee High school is a public high school in Sunamganj District, Bangladesh. It was established in 1887 and was nationalized in 1928. It is situated in the middle of Sunamganj township on the bank of the river Surma. It operates level 3 to level 10 (SSC). Over its history, the school has had notable alumni, including philosopher Dewan Mohammad Ajrof and former foreign minister of Bangladesh Abdus Samad Azad.This school is on of the oldest school in sylhet deivision and students from deifferent districts also come to study here.

This institution consists 3 main buildings and a school librery which is also a separate building. The primary building which was made by british government is still in original shape however time to time modifications take places.Other 2 buildings was made about 17 years ago. There are 3 fields or better say play ground inside the school compound and the main school play ground (also known as "Balur maat " ) just outside the school boundary wall. Annual sport takes place on that field. This a very repoted and realible school in sunamganj and is the most of the gurdian's primary target when its time to get their kids in school.